10 Best and Most Hilarious Church Signs
Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez

Yes, folks. It’s a very serious world we live in. That’s why we try and lighten it up a little every now and again. We will not forget the lost art of Church Signs. Glorious sayings, invitations and gaffes, which are meant to attract those who are driving by. For many years they have been a staple of American Christianity.

And here is our list of the 10 Best and Most Hilarious Church Signs:


1. Jesus asked for a donkey. Some translations use the word “ass”. This is hilarious and biblical. #Win


2. Good play on words. And goodness gracious, we agree! #SayNoToTheNuts


3. Honking is annoying. Texting and driving is worse (both annoying and dangerous). #PublicService


4. A genius reminder in grace. It works for sins committed in Vegas, and it also works outside of that specific church. #Vegas


5. A truer statement has never been found. Good job Trinity church. #GodIsGreat


6. The honesty is refreshing #GetToThePoint


7. Yes He did… Yes He did. #Hipsters


8. Did they do this on purpose? Or is the sign lady completely out of touch with humanity? #Perfect


9. This would have been relevant a few years back. Still not the good news today. #Fail


10. Blame the elders. #Hell