Amazing new surgery helps mom who rejected abortion
World Watch Monitor

World Watch Monitor

Surgeons have successfully operated on an unborn baby to correct his spina bifida in an amazing new procedure.

Foetal surgery to repair spina bifida has been performed since the 90s, but this new technique allows the surgery to be performed outside of the woman’s body by surgically removing the womb.

The uterus is lit up, allowing surgeons to better perform the difficult operation, and the tissue which should have formed a tube to form the spinal column is sewn together.

The womb was then placed back inside the mother, Lexi Royer, who is due to give birth in January.

She spoke of how happy she and her husband Joshuwa were when they conceived a child, after previously suffering the heartbreak of a miscarriage.

“There were a lot of happy tears”, she said of the 13-week ultrasound. “Then the ultrasound tech said she had to go back and get a doctor.”

Lexi and Joshuwa were told during numerous visits to specialists that the defect was severe. The couple were offered an abortion and felt the doctors were trying to pressure them into it.

Speaking after the surgery, which took place at just over 24 weeks’ gestation, Lexi said: “Seeing the ultrasound and how good he’s doing, moving his ankles and feet, it’s such a happy moment.”

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