Anne Graham Lotz’ Plea for National Day of Prayer
CBN News

CBN News

The White House is joining with Christians across America to celebrate the National Day of Prayer on Thursday.

And National Prayer Day Chairman Anne Graham Lotz shared with CBN News about her prayer for the president, and about this year’s theme: “For Your Great Name’s Sake! Hear us, Forgive us, Heal us!”

“So I just took Daniel chapter 9 verse 19, and the theme is for the glory of His great name that He would hear our prayer, that He would forgive our sin, that He would heal our land,” she said.

Anne Graham Lotz is a leading American Christian evangelist and the daughter of evangelist Billy Graham. She sat down with CBN to talk about the biggest issues facing our nation that we need to focus prayers on.

“I think the greatest issue is the moral and spiritual bankruptcy in our nation. The abandonment of godly principles, the abandonment of God’s word that’s the most distressing,” said Graham Lotz.

She even had a message for America’s Commander in Chief.

“I pray that President Trump would turn to God, that in his heart he would look to God in prayer,” said Graham Lotz.

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