Denzel Washington Tells How He Pursues God’s Will
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Film critics say Denzel Washington delivers a transformative performance in his next film, Roman J Israel, Esquire. Washington plays a civil rights activist and attorney.

In a recent interview with Studio 5’s Efrem Graham, the two-time Academy Award winner shared the importance of using his platform to share his Christian faith.

“You have to use your gifts – faith without works is nothing,” said Washington.

“So, not everybody has to be an activist,” he continued. “A woman prophesied years and years ago that I would travel the world and preach to millions of people. I asked my pastor, ‘Does that mean I am supposed to be a preacher?’ He says, ‘No you already have a pulpit.'”

Washington added, “He didn’t say ‘stay in your lane,’ but try to be an agent for good.”

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