$3,000 ‘Jesus’ Nike Sneakers With Holy Water Sell Out in Days
Matthias Browning

Matthias Browning

A Brooklyn-based company has sold out of its $3,000 per-pair customized Nike sneakers the ‘Jesus’ shoe.

MSCHF produced the shoes with water from the “River Jordan” injected into the soles. The sneakers are made with 100-percent frankincense wool, and there’s also a crucifix in the laces.

The sneakers went on sale Tuesday at $3,000 a pair. Despite the hefty price tag — they’re already sold out.

Matthew 14:25 is quoted on the side of the shoe, together with a drop of red ink on the tongue of the trainer to symbolize the blood of Christ. The shoes also feature red, Frankenscence-scented insoles, and a steel crucifix attached to the laces to reference The Vatican’s red shoes and jewels.

A link to the Catholic Church is also apparent in the form of a red sole – referencing the red Papal shoes traditionally worn outside by previous Popes.

Nike say it has nothing to do with the ‘Jesus shoes.’ MSCHF bought the sneakers at retail prices and added the “godly” frills itself.

MSCHF head of commerce Daniel Greenberg told The New York Post they made the “Jesus Shoes” to poke fun at collaboration culture.

“We were wondering, what would a collab with Jesus Christ look like?” Greenberg said. “As a Jew myself, the only thing I knew was that he walked on water.”

It is reported that the label plans to drop new designs at 11 a.m. every second and fourth Tuesday of the month going forward. Fans can sign up online to be notified of releases.

Image courtesy MSCHF

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