After the fire, Notre Dame opens its doors to worshipers
Matthias Browning

Matthias Browning

After the devastating fire that destroyed a large part of the building, the Notre Dame Cathedral is opening its doors to worshipers today.

A Saturday evening mass is being held to celebrate the re-opening.

The attendees, which will be a closed gathering, will wear hard hats for safety.

The event was live streamed (the full service can be seen below). The re-opening comes at a time where most of the pledges from France’s richest citizens have failed to eventuate.

While hundreds of millions of dollars had been promised to help build the iconic building, the money has failed to eventuate.

To date, the Friends of Notre Dame group in America who have helped cover the cost of staffing to the 150 workers employed.

The 850-year-old cathedral is the spiritual symbol of Paris, a country becoming largely secularized. Tourists, residents and workers were evacuated, before watching on as the spire collapsed under the heat of the flames, falling in on itself.

According to firefighters, the roof was destroyed and that there was a risk that if the fire was not contained, the entire building could collapse.

Fortunately, as the building was undergoing renovations, many of the stained glass windows and other ornaments had been removed from the building.

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