Australia’s latest Budget points to why we need to do finances God’s way


As the pages of Australia’s media are littered with howls of protest over the hard line Australia’s government has taken on our country’s financial situation, one organisation has stood up .

Trevor Owens, of Crown Financial Ministries, believes that what has recently been announced can point back to the Bible.

“The current furore raging over the Federal Budget makes it crystal clear that our nation’s ‘hip pocket’ syndrome is very much alive,” comments Mr Owens.

“Many people are caught up in this syndrome due to the lack of knowledge about what the Bible says about handling finances.

“In fact, the Bible says more about money than any other subject and all good commercial practices in today’s society have their origins in the Bible. No wonder George Washington said, ‘It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible’.

“It would be fair to say that national and personal debt is at an all-time high in Australia, which indicates that most governments and individuals have ignored the biblical warnings about the dangers of non-prudent borrowing.

“Not only does excessive debt result in a heavy burden for the borrower but the associated interest payments place limits on governments in providing essential community services and, in the case of individuals, being free to help others with special needs, as God has directed in the Bible.”

Mr Owens goes on to say:

“Just imagine what a difference it would make to the cohesiveness of our Nation if people were to adopt the ‘blueprint for living’ that God has provided in the Bible and emulate the servanthood approach of Jesus Christ. This is the answer to the hip-pocket syndrome that focuses on self-interest and which always breeds discontentment.”

Crown Financial Ministries has served tens of thousands of Australians over the last decade, helping them discover how to achieve true financial freedom and contentment by following God’s procedure manual: the Bible.

Crown Financial Ministries Australia has developed culturally-friendly resources that highlight the biblical principles relating to the following topics: God’s Part and Our Part in Finances; Attitude to Work; Understanding Debt; Seeking Counsel and Mentoring Children; Practising Honesty; Saving, Investing and Giving; and Contentment and Eternity.

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