Australia’s Christian prime minister thanks God after winning election
David Rogers | Staff Writer

David Rogers | Staff Writer

It was tipped to be a very close call as Scott Morrison went head to head with the Labor Party’s Bill Shorten. He told supporters in Sydney after the victory, “I have always believed in miracles. I’m standing with the three biggest miracles of my life here tonight and tonight we have been delivered another one.”

For the nation’s Christians, religious freedom was one of the major concerns, especially in light of the sacking of star rugby player Israel Folau for his Instagram comments.

Bill Muehlenberg, a Christian blogger focused on political commentary, stated, “Given that almost all the pundits and pollsters fully expected a Labor win, one has to ask if this was not a miraculous win – a major God thing. Of course there were so many Christians who were praying and fasting, knowing how significant and serious this election was.

“This clearly had to be the work of God. There really is no other explanation for it! This result had caught almost all the experts and commentators by surprise. But our God is a God of surprises, and a God of the miraculous. Indeed, Morrison began his acceptance speech by speaking of how he believes in miracles.

“And this win is a clear indication of the overwhelming mercy and grace of God. We surely did not deserve this. Australia is so far from God that he had every right to throw us under the bus. We deserve his judgment, but instead he granted us some wonderful mercy. Thank you Lord.

“But as with all the election results we have had of late, I keep saying much the same thing, regardless of which election it is, or who gets in. At the end of the day we need much more than politics to save the nation. Our problems at root are much greater than mere political problems.

“But don’t get me wrong: this is still a wonderful victory and we need to thank God for it heartily. Churches that are still true to God and his Word need to proclaim a national day of thanksgiving. We all owe so much to God in this win. We certainly did not deserve this divine mercy, but we got it.

“The battle has now just begun. It is at root a spiritual battle. We all must pray as we have never prayed before. Things will now only intensify, and the hatred and bitterness and divisiveness will only get worse. If you thought things were bad before the election, wait till you see what will follow. So please pray and keep alert.”

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