Bethel Music CEO’s 2 Children Hospitalized with E Coli
CBN News

CBN News

The leader of the Bethel worship ministry whose little boy has been fighting for his life in a hospital is reporting now that his little girl has also been diagnosed with the same dangerous E. coli infection.

Joel Taylor is seeking urgent prayers for both of his young children as his two-year-old son Jaxon fights for his life in the hospital, and his daughter Addie has just been admitted as well.

He posted on Instagram: “We just found out that Addie, our four-year old baby-girl, has the same strand of ecoli as Jaxon and needs to be admitted to the hospital immediately. Please pray that this doesn’t turn into HUS, which is what Jaxon is fighting for his life. God be our strength.”

Taylor is the CEO of Bethel Music which has become a worship music powerhouse in recent years, creating songs that churches are singing worldwide. Now he’s seeking urgent worldwide prayer for his little children.

He had just reported Monday that they were starting to see some progress in Jaxon, but he’s is still serious danger and now they’re praying little Addie’s condition doesn’t escalate like Jaxson’s did.

“Both of our baby’s are on IV at UC Davis now. Thank you church for all of your prayers, keep praying. Pray that Addie’s Ecoli doesn’t turn into HUS like it did with Jax. And pray Jax continues to heal. His promises never fail!” Taylor declared on Instagram.

According to a website set up on the family’s behalf, the Taylors’ 2- year-old son, Jaxon, has been hospitalized since December 21.

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