Christianity tarnished again as megachurch pastor heads to jail
Matt Danswan

Matt Danswan

The news that megachurch pastor Kong Hee is off to jail for 3.5 years is sad. It’s the modern day equivalent of Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Baker. Luckily it has occurred in Singapore and not America, or we would be hearing a lot more about it than we are now.

In case you haven’t seen one of the music videos that were funded through church donations, here is one:

In a Facebook post on Wednesday night, Kong said “I am truly sorry … I am filled with grief and regret over my mistakes and I sincerely ask for your forgiveness.”

He added that he is at peace with serving his three and a half year jail term that begins on Friday (Apr 21).

“To all I have disappointed, stumbled and hurt in my church, in the Body of Christ at large, and in the public,” he said.

“I have, in these past weeks since the release of the judgment, reflected deeply. I have come to terms with what is ahead and am at peace.”

Kong was convicted in 2015 for misappropriating about S$50 million of church funds, along with five other City Harvest church leaders.

Below is a great little snippet of how those in general media view this:

We know these falls from grace will happen. Our church leaders are human beings, which means they are prone to sin, just like you and I. They are more susceptible, in fact, as they are high profile, they are leading countless people to Christ, and so there is a high price on their lives.

The Christian community, on the whole, is very forgiving, and I encourage us all to pray for Pastor Kong and his family. He who has not sinned shall cast the first stone, so it’s wrong of any of us to take this opportunity to offer up our personal opinions. Those outside the church? Well, we already know what they make of all of this.

Christian leaders, be vary wary. You’re in a very perilous position and we are already dealing with a world that thinks the church only wants our money. While it is completely incorrect, I’m not sure media attention like this incident helps our cause.


Matt Danswan is the CEO of Initiate Media, publishers of My Christian Daily

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