Colorado cake maker facing fresh legal challenge
Matthias Browning

Matthias Browning

Christian baker Jack Phillips is facing more legal action after refusing to bake a cake for an LGBTQ customer.

Colorado Public Radio (CPR) reports that the Christian baker, who had a transgender cake case against him dropped previously, is now facing fresh action from a new client.

Autumn Scardina, a transgender woman, filed a complaint against Phillips in the state court last Wednesday.

“We simply want the law to be enforced,” said attorney Paula Greisen, who is representing Scardina. “Because if not, you allow a business to send a message: go ahead, refuse service to these people, it’s OK, when the citizens of Colorado have said it’s not.”

Previously, the state of Colorado had officially agreed to dismiss its case against the baker in what was seen as a big result for religious freedom.

More than six years ago, two men walked into Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado and requested a wedding cake to celebrate their same-sex marriage. Because Jack is a Christian and believes that God designed marriage as the union of one man and one woman, he did not feel he could use his artistic talents to celebrate an event that contradicts his beliefs. So, Jack politely declined. But he offered to sell the couple anything else in his store, or to design a cake for a different occasion.

In turning down requests for Halloween cakes, anti-American cakes, cakes celebrating divorce, and cakes disparaging those in the LGBT community, he landed himself in court.

In his latest case, Mr. Phillips told CPR last summer, “I know the Bible says that God created male and female and that we don’t get to choose that, and we don’t get to change that. And I don’t feel like the government has a right to compel me to participate in creating a cake that promotes that message.”

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