Evangelist Luis Palau reveals he has lung cancer
David Rogers | Staff Writer

David Rogers | Staff Writer

International evangelist Luis Palau has revealed he has lung cancer.

In a twelve minute interview on Youtube, Palau has shared how his cancer is now at Stage Four – the final stage of cancer. In a statement posted on the Luis Palau Association website, he stated:

“When Pat and I returned home from a ministry trip to the UK in November, I was fighting some sort of sickness. It seemed like a bad cold. Possibly pneumonia.

“Over the Christmas break, the doctors ran some tests. Sadly, it indicated cancer.

“Just this week it was clearly confirmed. Stage 4 lung cancer.

“As you can imagine, this isn’t news we were expecting or hoping for. Yet our trust in the Lord remains rock solid.

“We’re still praying over the right treatment plan. The doctors have a few more tests to run as well. The family has sought all the necessary and prudent medical advice and I trust we have a full and complete understanding of the situation to make the wisest, most God-honoring decisions. And of course, we have faith and trust in God. We’re in His hands. And we still have ministry to do.

“As of right now, I feel fine. I’m full of energy (praise God) and committed as ever to sharing the Good News. Yet Pat and I know the next several months will be trying. We ask for your prayers.

“I’ve seldom been sick in my life. A handful of colds. A few cases of the flu. The only time I was hospitalized was in my 50s when I broke my leg. But that was stupidity, not illness. So as you can imagine, this surprised us all. Pat and I and the entire family are still processing.

“I’ll keep doing what I’m doing for as long as I’m able. And frankly, I’m praying the Lord gives me many more years of fruitful ministry.

Palau wet on to advise that, “One reason I’m at peace is because I know the ministry is in great hands. No matter what the future holds, whether God chooses to heal me completely or take me home to glory – I know the work of the Palau Association will continue on for generations to come.

“I praise God that in His wisdom we began preparing for this inevitable reality more than 10 years ago as our sons, Kevin, Andrew, and Keith began to take on greater roles within the team.

“As far as day-to-day operations, I haven’t been intensely involved in years. Our son Kevin has led that charge, and God is blessing his leadership in ways I never would have imagined. Kevin has proven himself as a true, natural, winsome leader filled with the blessed Holy Spirit.”


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