Fake News, Hate Crimes: Top 30 Hoaxes Since Election Day
Craig Huey

Craig Huey

Over the last 20 years, I’ve seen big media attention given to terrible hate crimes, acts of racism and wrongful physical injury.

I was outraged. Disgusted. Sick.

Then I would see a small follow-up story that the person committed the crime to make a point or create publicity for a cause.

Now that’s really outrageous, disgusting, and sick!

Facebook, or Fake News? (Credit: For Free Blog)

Since Election Day 2016, there have been so many hate crimes which have proven to be lies and hate crimes.

Let’s look at the top 30 fake hate crimes, complied by Warner Todd Huston in Constitution.com:

#1: Minnesota Police Say Hate Crime Never Happened, Even though Social Media Reported Otherwise

#2: Tale of 4 White Men Harassing Black Woman in Delaware, Never Happened

#3: Vandalism of Trump Signs with Nazi Slogans Appears to be Black Man

#4: University of Louisiana Student Busted for Lying About Racial Attack

#5: Blacks Claim They Beat A Man for Flaunting His Vote for Trump

#6: Southern Poverty Law Center ‘Report’ Portrays Many Fake Hate Crime Incidents as Real

#7: North Carolina University Snowflakes Upset Over ‘Bye Bye Latinos’ Message, But Hispanic Wrote It

#8: Reporter Turns Trump Sign Into a ‘Sign of Racism’ at a Wisconsin University

#9: November 14, 2016 USA Today Report Falsely Claims Hate Crimes See ‘Dramatic Rise’

#10: Chicago Student Lies, Claims She is Sexually Harassed

#11: KKK Vandalism on Massachusetts Campus a Hoax

#12: Kentucky Student Lies About Racial Slur

#13: Eleesha Long Lies to Bowling Green, Kentucky Police About Racial Attack Which Never Happened

#14: Texas Man Admits Vandalizing His Own Truck, Collects “Charity” from GoFundMe page

#15: Malden, Massachusetts Black Man Feared Getting Lynched in ‘Trump Country’: Attack Never Happened

Fake Hate Crimes (Credit: RightWingNews.com)

#16: College Snowflakes Call ‘Suck it Up P**ssies’ Note a ‘Hate Crime’

#17: University of Oklahoma Professor Claims Anti-Muslim Hate Crime

#18: Philadelphia Police Investigated Trump Rules Painted on Wall, Hoax Hate Crime

#19: Philadelphia University Student Suddenly Refuses to Help Investigation into So-Called Hate Crime Attack

#20: New York Fireman Set Fire to Own Home to Create Fake Racial Incident

#21: Texas Black Man Pleads Guilty to Setting His Own Mosque on Fire

#22: Orlando, Florida Black Man Admits Faking Trump/KKK Note

#23: Wellesley, Massachusetts College Students Cleared of Hate Crime

#24: New York City Muslim Girl Admits Lying About Trump Attack

#25: The Sister of the Woman Above Claims Hate Crime Happened Even Though it Didn’t

#26: Long Island, New York Muslim Arrested for Nazi Graffiti in New York

#27: Muslims Claim They Are Thrown Off Delta Airline Flight Just for Being Muslim

#28: Michigan College Dismisses Hate Crime Hoax

#29: Mississippi Church Burning Committed by Black Man, Not Trump Voter

#30: Texas Man Found to Have Vandalized His Own Home With ‘Ni**er’ Graffiti

Isn’t this incredible? With #FakeNews like this, who needs television or movies?

One has to wonder if there is any Real News out there to begin with.

Imagine how many of the hate crimes reported ten years or even twenty years ago were false!

Craig Huey is author and publisher of The Huey Report and a frequent guest on TV including Fox and radio stations such as KKLA, KWVE and KBRT. He is also the president of LAVoterGuide.com, JudgeVoterGuide.com, CraigHuey.com, ElectionForum.org (his popular website that shows more than half a million conservatives how to vote their values) as well as other conservative websites.

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