Fear of floods was the reason Joel Osteen kept his megachurch closed
Daily Mail

Daily Mail

Pastor Joel Osteen has no intention of apologizing even as he continue to face withering criticism over his decision not to immediately open the doors of his Houston megachurch in order to shelter Harvey flood victims, he told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday.

The popular televangelist said he isn’t concerned about his critics on social media who have taken turns blasting Osteen for initially saying the church was flooded even though it was largely dry.

‘We’re concerned with these people [victims now at the church] and how they move forward,’ he told ET.

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‘And there were safety issues that people don’t understand. But, I really believe that if people were in my shoes, they would have done the same thing.

‘When the building is clear, when it’s safe, we can start taking people. That’s what we have done for 60 years. We love helping people and that’s what our message is all about.’

Osteen said the public failed to grasp the safety issues that he says prevented him from initially offering the church as a shelter.

Article link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4842636/Joel-Osteen-insists-megachurch-risk-flooding.html#ixzz4rQSJqW3f

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