Franklin Graham asks for prayers for Kanye as devil will ‘try to destroy him’
Beverly Weeks

Beverly Weeks

Franklin Graham has thrown his support behind Kanye West, whilst at the same time encouraging Christians to pray for him as he shares his faith.

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Graham used Facebook to encourage West, whilst at the same time knowing that the enemy will do everything he can to derail him from continuing with his faith walk.  

“I’m thrilled to read about Kanye West using his testimony of what God has done in his life to point thousands of people to Jesus Christ,” he said. “Kanye shares that God has called him to hold what he has named Sunday Service Experiences with music and the preaching of God’s Word. This is reaching a whole new group of people.

“In this Fox News interview, a 17-yr-old said he had never been to a church service before, but he came to this, and now he is thinking about Christ. That’s great. Kanye also has a new album called “Jesus is King.” Kanye is doing what he believes, even if there are skeptics and even though it goes against the liberal beliefs of most in the entertainment industry.

“Pray for Kanye—there will be many temptations and the devil will try to discourage, distract, and even destroy him. Pray that he will keep his eyes focused on Jesus, and that God would guide and protect him. God bless you, Kanye—we’re praying for you.”

Graham is correct. At no point in history have we seen a star as big so radically shift into Christianity. Secular artists have done Christian albums, but not started their own church before.

Kanye does seem to be the kind of character who doesn’t care too much about what people think, and that just might work in his favor. In this people pleasing world,. Where many are too scared to stand up for what they believe in for fear of being ridiculed or ostracized, Kanye seems to run his own race.

A bit like Donald trump, but in music instead of politics.

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