Gender doctor speaks out on transsexuals returning to birth sex
The Christian Institute

The Christian Institute

An increasing number of people who have had surgery to live as the opposite sex, now want to re-embrace their birth sex, after experiencing severe depression and contemplating suicide, it has been revealed.

Prof Miroslav Djordjevic, who himself has performed a number of reverse ‘sex change’ operations, spoke out following recent controversy in the UK on the issue.

Bath Spa University’s ethics committee turned down a research proposal on people who had ‘detransitioned’, citing concerns about it being politically incorrect.

But while Prof Djordjevic declined to give his clear opinion on the university’s actions, he said, “we have to support all research in this field”.

“Definitely reversal surgery and regret in transgender persons is one of the very hot topics”, he commented.

Prof Djordjevic works in both the USA and Serbia, performing around 100 operations a year, and is currently going through the reversal procedure with two patients and is in further discussions with six others.

In the interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Prof Djordjevic criticised medical centres which rush into surgery for their own financial gain.

And he spoke out against moves to do gender reassignment procedures on under 18s: “I’m afraid what will happen five to ten years later”, he said.

One former transsexual who has spoken out about his experience is Walt Heyer, who was married with two children before having surgery to look like a woman in the 1980s.


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