God Helped Me Beat Alcoholism: Kelsey Grammer
CBC News

CBC News

Actor Kelsey Grammer is no stranger to death. He says it’s the reason he turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with his life.

When he was just 13 years old Grammer’s father was killed in a home invasion. Years later his little sister was raped and murdered. After that, his two half-brothers died in a freak scuba diving accident in the Virgin Islands.

“It’s a pain that you can always stumble into again—it’s with you 24/7, especially in the case of tragic death, and there have been a few of those. It’s just part of life,” he said in an interview. “Maybe I learned a little earlier than most, but it’s just the way it goes.”

Grammer fell head-first into a full blown drug and alcohol addiction until it landed him in prison on drunk driving charges. That’s when he decided to sober up.

Now, the 62-year-old actor can enjoy a drink without fear of addiction. He says it is all thanks to Jesus and he wants to become more like Jesus every day.


Article link: http://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/entertainment/2017/july/kelsey-grammer-god-helped-me-beat-alcoholism

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