How is Pornhub still online while Parler has been shut down?
Bridgett Banks

Bridgett Banks January 14, 2021

I read a very interesting – but also disturbing – article on Christian Woman today about a young girl who was forced into prostitution by her father at a young age. While her videos did not make their way to Pornhub, millions of others do, which is beyond a crime in every sensible person’s eyes…

…Except those of government authorities and website hosts, who seem to turn a blind eye to the filth this site allows its users to upload. Amazon Web Services, the website hosting arm of Amazon, was this week quick to turn off access to the social media website, Parler, over claims it incited violence at Capitol Hill. The executives of the site woke up only to find their site had disappeared.

For the record, I do not for a moment endorse or support the violence that happened in Washington D.C. in any way, however I have a major issue with the fact that Parler has disappeared from the Internet, while Pornhub, the You Tube of porn in that anyone, anywhere, with a camera and a Pornhub account can upload their content.

Only Thailand has had the strength at government level, officially banning Pornhub after announcing that the website violated the country’s Computer Crimes Act.

This site has been full of underage sex, not to mention rapes and sex trafficking, for a long time. A recent New York Times article called out the site, forcing them to delete millions of videos, but how do we as a society allow a site like this to stay live?

How do we turn off Donald Trump’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, all the while leaving filth like this to be viewed by anyone with an Internet connection? Parler may have incited violence at Capitol Hill, but studies have also shown that watching porn also causes violence towards women.

Pornhub is only one of very many porn sites. My issue, however, is not the fact that the viewers are watching porn, even though it is so dangerous and damaging. My anger is the fact that so much of the content has not been consented to. It is an invasion of privacy of the worst kind.

Just read the article for yourself and see if you don’t feel livid that innocent young girls, teens and women have their lives ruined by corporations making hundreds of millions of dollars. The site’s owner, Mindgeek, is reported to have annual revenues of more than $460 million. Somebody is making a lot of money out of porn, and it’s not the women that are being taken advantage of here.

Thank the Lord for a not-for-profit like Exodus Cry, who is doing its very best to expose companies like Pornhub. What started as a quiet voice made it all the way to the New York Times, whose scathing article forced the site into damage control, announcing changes and removing 80% of their content. Now, imagine if we could actually get some people in government with the real power to really do something about this.

Bridgett Banks is a writer for My Christian Daily