Jarrid Wilson’s wife shares his ‘first birthday in heaven’
David Rogers | Staff Writer

David Rogers | Staff Writer

The wife of Pastor Jarrid Wilson has shared her thoughts as her husband celebrates his 31st birthday in heaven.

The pastor, who committed suicide early last week, took to Instagram to share her thoughts.

“Happy 1st birthday in heaven, baby. Today, you would’ve been 31,” she stated. “You lived more in those years than most could in 100. I’m blown away by all God did in and through your life!”

the pastor at Greg Laurie’s Harvest Community Church took his life last week, leaving behind his wife and two young sons.


“We planned to go to a cabin with friends this weekend,” she continued. “We planned on burritos and your favorite funfetti cake. And of course, we planned on lots and lots of fishing.

“When I asked what you wanted for a gift you’d say, “nothing” and finally go on to shut me up by saying that “fishing line or some tackle would be just fine”. You were simple like that. I loved it.

“I can’t help but think of everything we could be doing together today, how we should be celebrating all the wonderful things that made you, you…but I am so thankful that through Christ, I am not limited to an earthly perspective.

Jarrid was the founder of an organization called Anthem of Hope, which was set up to help Christians with anxiety and depression.

Today, you are doing what you were CREATED to do,” she wrote. “You are worshiping the king of kings face-to-face. You are complete and whole, not lacking a thing. How could I not find peace in that?

“Our hearts are broken here. We miss you beyond what words can convey. The pain is so deep, raw and surreal, but we hold on to hope as an anchor for our souls. It is firm and secure. We WILL see you again. I love you, jare.”

Image courtesy Instagram

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