Jihadist who declared war on Christians killed
Alex Williams Premier Media

Alex Williams Premier Media

A British woman who joined Islamic State (IS) and urged that all Christians be beheaded has reportedly been killed during a drone strike.

Dubbed the White Widow, Sally-Anne Jones from Chatham in Kent died in June after being targeted by the US Air Force close to the Syria/Iraq border, The Sun claimed.

The newspaper said the blast was kept secret by the CIA over concerns Jones’ twelve year old son, Jojo, may have also been killed in the incident.

A former member of an all-girl punk rock group, Jones became a leading recruitment officer for IS. She used Twitter to try to encourage more female recruits to come forward and offered advice on travel to Syria.

Born in the Greenwich area of London, she posted extremist comments online such as: “You Christians all need beheading with a nice blunt knife and stuck on the railings at Raqqa … Come here I’ll do it for you.”

Jones travelled with her husband Junaid Hussain to Syria in 2013 to join IS. Hussain, who died in a US drone strike in 2015, was accused of planning “barbaric attacks against the West”.

Simon Barrett, a Christian who is an analyst on the Middle East and terrorism, told Premier News Hour Jones’ death is a big win for the fight against terror.

He said: “Someone like Sally Jones, they don’t find these people easy to replace. When you take out someone of the top leadership in terror organisation, then there’s a major problem in recruiting someone to fill her shoes.”

Barrett added that there’s a lesson to be learned from the situation.

He said:”Where we need to win this war on terrorism is on social media and the internet.

Article link: https://www.premier.org.uk/News/UK/Jihadist-who-declared-war-on-Christians-killed

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