Life imitating art: Did Luke Perry’s faith-based movie role impact him?
Bridgett Banks

Bridgett Banks

If you do a Google search on Luke Perry and any links to faith, you’ll come up short. Only his immediate family and friends would know if faith played any part in his life.

Perry’s death of a stroke at 52 has shocked the world. I, for one, distinctly remembered looking forward to watching he and fellow actor Jason Priestley every week!

Most famous for his role as Dillon in Beverly Hills 90210, the star remained relatively quiet in Hollywood when the show ended. Ironically, just as Fox announced a reunion series, one of its bedrock stars won’t be with them. 

In his profession as an actor, Perry did have some exposure to the Christian world. He played Judas in Thomas Nelson’s audio book of the Bible, “The Word of Promise Audio Bible.” It is reported that more than 500 actors took part in the reading of the Holy Bible, which took 98 hours to produce.

It is also believed that the audio version product took four years to complete and was originally published on 79 CDs.

In 2015, he starred in and produced a faith-based film called “Welcome Home,” in which Perry plays a struggling author who returns from vacation to find that a homeless mother and her two children have been squatting in his house, with nowhere to go.

He learns that the house had previously belonged to Cassandra before her husband passed away and they became the victims of foreclosure.

Who knows what transpired in his life leading up to his sudden death, but we can just pray that his involvement with fellow Christian actors made an impact on his life and decisions.

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