Measure and celebrate progress

encouragement 2

encouragement 2When embarking on a journey of change, it is important to know how the effectiveness of the changes is going to be measured. Team members will want to know whether the changes are making a difference.

When measuring progress we need to be patient and accurate. The effects of change may take time to become clear and there may even be a short-term negative impact before the changes are consolidated and proven. Also, measuring change needs to be based on accurate indicators which look at various aspects of change, i.e. production, performance, increased quality, job satisfaction, client satisfaction, etc.

It is also very important to celebrate when the team reaches key milestones of change. Many small wins will add up to the overall big win of the change process. Celebrating change will also help the tone of the group to stay positive and maintain the momentum that comes from progress.

How will you measure the effectiveness of change?

How will your team celebrate reaching these key milestones?

Encourage team members for good work and positive attitudes

Often, personal encouragement is missing in the change process. As the success of the process will depend on the attitudes and hard work of team members, it is vital to notice their efforts and to encourage them. There is great power in encouragement, as it shows people that they are noticed, appreciated and valued.

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