Mike Pence prays for Charlie Gard amid deadline
Tola Mbakwe Premier Media

Tola Mbakwe Premier Media

US Vice President Mike Pence has offered prayers for terminally-ill baby Charlie Gard.

On an American radio programme he said “we hope and pray little Charlie Gard gets every chance” and he also expressed that cases like Charlie’s show why universal healthcare won’t work in America in his opinion.

He said on the Rush Limbaugh Show: “The heart-breaking story of the 11-month-old Charlie Gard in England is a story of single-payer healthcare… the American people ough to reflect on the fact that for all the talk on the left about single-payer, that’s where it takes us.”

The baby’s parents have been told they have until Wednesday to present evidence that new experimental treatment would work, ahead of a new hearing Thursday.

Doctors at Great Ormond Street – who believe the 11 month-old’s life support machines should be turned off – said the data isn’t new.

Mr Justice Francis, who in April ruled in favour of Great Ormond Street doctors and decided Charlie should be allowed to “die with dignity”, oversaw a preliminary hearing in the latest round of litigation on Monday.

He told the couple that he had already analysed the case at a trial and would not rake over old facts. However, he said he would consider any new evidence given in 48 hours and would examine the couple’s arguments ”calmly and fairly”.

Lawyers representing Great Ormond Street bosses and a guardian appointed to independently represent Charlie’s interests told Mr Justice Francis they were struggling to find any new evidence.

Charlie’s parents interrupted the hearing at one point. Gard yelled at a barrister representing Great Ormond Street bosses, saying: “When are you going to start telling the truth?”

Yates told the judge: “He is our son. Please listen to us.”

Article link: https://www.premier.org.uk/News/UK/US-VP-prays-for-Charlie-Gard-amid-deadline

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