Muslim TV Host Chastises 9/11 ‘American Wailers’
CBN News

CBN News

As Americans were pausing to remember the thousands lost in the September 11th terrorist attacks, a TV host on Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood TV channel was ridiculing the United States, claiming America is responsible for all the massacres in the Arab and Muslim world.

Egyptian TV host Muhammad Gamal Hilal said that on the anniversary of 9/11, “American wailers” would go on about terrorism, while in Burma a genocide was being perpetrated against Muslims.

“This is happening in Burma, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Egypt, in Syria, in Iraq, in Yemen, and all over the Arab and Islamic world,” he said, claiming that racism constitutes “the guiding principle underlying the conduct toward us.”

He went on to say, “What the U.S. has done to eliminate terror is the tragedies that we are witnessing in the Middle East and the Islamic countries, which have become worthless. What the U.S. has done in its war on terror is that millions of Muslims have been driven out of their homes and killed.”

“We know full well that our people are not equal to their people. That’s what they are saying. Western people are not the same as non-Western people. They think that their people are one thing and that ours are something else. This is what they are saying. These are the racist terms that constitute the guiding principle underlying their conduct toward us. The result is what we see today: Muslims are worthless,” he added.

The video was spotted by the Middle East Media Research Institute TV Monitor Project. The MEMRI organization has launched the 9/11 Documentation Project website, dedicated to the ideological roots of the attack.

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