New Instagram account calls out pastors for expensive sneakers
Danielle Jarvis

Danielle Jarvis

It was not that long ago that pastors took to the stage in pin striped suits, and at best, looked more like they were about to spend the day in an office in downtown New York than watching over their flock.

But those days appear to be over, as pastors, trying to reach out to a new generation of young Christians, move from suits and shiny shoes, into expensive, trendy sneakers. As such, a new Instagram account has been set up, following the trends of pastors and their expensive taste in shoes.

@preachersnsneakers calls out pastors and their expensive tastes, as opposed to showing off how trendy and relevant these pastors are.

The account has 114,000 followers in just three weeks.

“Where does the money go?’ is what the world asks. If Christians are giving 10% if their wages to the church, what does the church, and more specifically its leaders, do with the money? The account appears to be trying to hold these pastors to account, pardon the pun, over their rich tastes.

The anonymous account’s founder told Fashionista: “I’ve been really into buying and reselling sneakers for the past few years. On the other side, I’m an evangelical Christian and am pretty ingrained in that culture.

“One Sunday I was looking for a song I really like by Elevation Worship and I realized the lead singer was wearing a pair of Yeezy 750s. They’re pretty rare, they resell for 800 bucks or so. I thought I knew about church-type salaries — my wife works for a church — and so I was like, ‘This does not compute. How is this guy wearing these kicks?’

“Then I started looking into the pastor at Elevation, Steven Furtick, and I came across a video where he was wearing this pair of shattered backboard Jordan 1s, the orange and black colorway. That’s one of my holy grail shoes. I looked them up on StockX, and the last sale was for like 900 bucks. I started deep diving these mega-churches and I realized there’s a lot of people out here wearing like the hypest outfits, the highest resell kicks in the game. I made a video for my personal Instagram, and people responded really well. At that point was like, maybe there’s some ongoing comedic factor here.”

When asked by Fashionista if he thinks they were purchased by the pastor, or given as gifts, he stated, “Dude, I don’t know if they were gifts. All I know is that you’re on the ‘gram wearing a $2,000 pair of boots. I can’t reconcile it.

“I can’t think of a meaningful explanation as to why you would feel 100% okay with wearing a pair of boots that probably the majority of your congregation could never afford. I am just here to say ‘Whoa, homie’s wearing $800 track pants.’ Y’all do with that what you want, you know?”

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