New report shows that millennials believe evangelism is wrong
David Rogers | Staff Writer

David Rogers | Staff Writer

A new report by Barna has shown that 47% of millennials disagree with evangelism.

Barna has just released the findings of a new report, titled ‘Reviving Evangelism’, which was commissioned by Alpha USA

Many millennials are unsure about the actual practice of evangelism. Almost half of millennials (47%) agree at least somewhat that it is wrong to share one’s personal beliefs with someone of a different faith in hopes that they will one day share the same faith. This is compared to a little over one-quarter of Gen X (27%), and one in five Boomers (19%) and Elders (20%).

The goal of the research was to better understand what Christian millennials believe about the Gospel and sharing their faith in general. Though the vast majority agreed with statements like “the best thing that could ever happen to someone is for them to know Jesus” and “they know how to respond when someone raises questions about faith,” things took a turn when they were asked about sharing their faith.

David Kinnaman, president of Barna Group, stated, “To start, we must pass on resilient faith to Christian young people (this is also a form of evangelism), planning especially for the pivot point of the high school and college-age years.

“The dropout problem is real, and it has a chilling effect on the overall evangelistic environment. It is impossible to exactly trace the impact of lapsed Christians on non-Christians, but sobering to consider the ‘de-evangelistic’ clout of those who leave the faith.

“Even after they are committed to sustaining resilient faith, we must persuade younger Christians that evangelism is an essential practice of following Jesus,” Kinnaman continues. “The data show enormous ambivalence among millennials, in particular, about the calling to share their faith with others.”

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