On New York abortions, why there are better options
Sarah Jonas

Sarah Jonas

I read with horror this week about the fact that New York has legalized abortion right up to the time of birth. Really? So as the journalist on My Christian Daily pointed out, it’s legal to abort a baby just before death, but if you change your mind straight after the baby is conceived, you are liable for murder.

As Christians we could go on for hours about this, debating with non-believers about what is right and wrong. All I will say though is that it makes me feel sick to the core that people could be celebrating this announcement.

It is also slightly ironic that I write this as I have just read that Carrie Underwood has given birth to her miracle baby.

Sure, if you have an abortion at your own will, then that decision is yours and rests between you and God. But something is surely wrong in our country when we have women cheering this announcement. Don’t even get me started on the fact that we have a group called Planned Parenthood, which is here to champion abortion and is breaking records in helping women abort their babies.

However, the purpose of my article is to speak to those women who, right now, are considering abortion. Regardless of what the law says, there is a better way. I don’t know your circumstances, but for some I know they are bad. Some women are raped, some women are sexually taken advantage of and don’t have the mental capacity to raise a child. Some women are pregnant to a guy they either don’t know, or if they do, he is not interested in sticking around to help raise that child.

Parenting is a massive job, and no one doubts that. However, there are thousands and thousands of couples not fortunate to have children who are ready, willing and able to adopt. I know one woman who had a one-night stand and while the father has turned his back, she is raising her child alone, and she could not be happier.

But remember, you can put your child up for adoption. I know this is opinionated, but you don’t have the right to terminate that child’s life. God has a plan for every life, whether they are from a wealthy family, or are raised in housing commission. You may not have chosen the circumstances of how your child was conceived, but at the same time, you owe that child a right to life.

If you cannot do the rearing, for whatever reason, that is okay. However, women are being deceived under the guise of ‘self care’. The baby inside of you is a separate body from the woman and therefore it’s not ‘self care’. From there, there are the emotional issues and shame that will be with them for the rest of their lives.

So please, I implore you to re-consider abortion. From one mom to a potential mother, that soon-to-be child deserves a shot at life.


This article first appeared on Christian Woman. Sarah Jonas is a freelance writer based in the USA.

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