Pastor makes appeal amid North Korea threat
Alex Williams Premier Media

Alex Williams Premier Media

A pastor in Guam has encouraged “people everywhere” to pray after North Korea announced plans to fire missiles towards the US territory.

Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Agana, central Guam, Rob Puckett also said people on the Pacific island territory are familiar with the long-term threat North Korea has posed.

He told Premier: “I would encourage people everywhere to pray for the… leaders all around the world that can influence this.”

North Korea threatened to launch a strike towards Guam after Donald Trump said the US would respond with “fire and fury like the world has never seen” if North Korea continued its threatening rhetoric.

Pyongyang announced that plans would be ready by mid-August for the firing of four Hwasong-12 missiles into waters as close as 20 miles from Guam.

AP Photo/Jon Chol Jin


The proposals would be submitted to President Kim Jong Un who would have the ultimate say over whether they come into fruition.

Mr Puckett went on to say: “The leaders of Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, the United States as well as North Korea all have the ability to influence the situation at some level.

“Hopefully, they will do what they can to come to a peaceful resolution that will create a lasting sense of peace.”

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