Pregnant woman murdered in New York; no charge for killing baby
Danielle Jarvis

Danielle Jarvis

When New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently approved abortion in the state of New York right up to the birth date, there were many anti-abortion groups worried that this would have an affect on the safety of pregnant women and the children they were carrying.

Their concerns came to past when Anthony Hobson stabbed a pregnant woman to death in Queens on February 3. Hobson will face murder charges for the killing of Jennifer Irigoyen, who was five months pregnant, but he gets off scot-free for killing an innocent baby.

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The reason? Queens district attorney, Richard A. Brown, cited the Reproductive Health Act as the reason for dropping an abortion charge.

Up until January 23, less than a month ago, anyone charged with murdering a pregnant woman and her unborn child would be charged for two murders under the state’s murder laws. That changed when the Reproductive Health Act was signed into law, welcomed by the thundering applause of abortion activists and lawmakers.

Hobson has been charged with second-degree murder for the attack, which took place February 3.

Tony Aiello , a reporter with CBS New York, tweeted, “ Reproductive Health Act consequences – files murder and “abortion” charge against man who killed pregnant woman and unborn child, after press inquiries realizes makes it no longer a crime, updates press release omitting “abortion” charge.

Dennis Poust, the Director of Communications for the New York Catholic Conference, the public policy arm of the NYS Bishops, took to Twitter, stating, “Thanks to #RHA, it’s open season on pregnant women in New York.”

There are more than 30 states across America that have have legal protections in place to ensure anyone who murders a pregnant women will also be liable for the unborn child’s death, but New York is no longer one of them.

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