Prominent Rabbi warns friends not to leave Israel; ‘Messiah is here with us already’


Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky is one of the most prominent rabbis of this generation. He is a leader of the Haredi branch of Judaism and the author of numerous authoritative books on Jewish law.

According to a story by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz on Breaking Israel News, in a very uncharacteristic manner, he has recently begun making declarations of the Messiah’s imminent arrival.

In a YouTube video posted on Nov. 2 of a recent lecture by Rabbi Shlomo Boyer, a respected teacher in Bnei Brak, Boyer described how Rabbi Shteinman, the leader of Lithuanian Judaism, was about to travel to America for pressing reasons. He went to Kanievsky to receive a blessing for a safe journey and success.

Kanievsky replied that he should not travel, saying, “It very well could be the Messiah will come this week. He can come at any moment. He is here with us already. Don’t travel.”

Breaking Israel News said Kanievsky has dedicated his life to Torah study and is generally not given to messianic or bombastic proclamations, but in the last year, this has changed dramatically.

Last year, Kanievsky announced the Messiah would come when the Shmittah year ended, which occurred on the Jewish New Year on Sept. 13.

In August, Breaking Israel News said, the rabbi advised a young man, “Gather your family and come to Israel. Otherwise, there won’t be enough room for you on the airplanes.”

In April, close associates quoted him as instructing listeners to, “Yell it from the loudspeakers. The Messiah is at the door.”

When asked what needs to be done to prepare for the coming of the Messiah, the Rabbi replied that Jews must strengthen their belief and trust in God.

After the massacre of Jews in the synagogue in Har Nof last November, Breaking Israel News said Kanievsky was asked to give some words of comfort to the people. He replied that the deaths were an atonement before the arrival of the Messiah, which would be arriving shortly.

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