Psychic joins the staff of Atlanta church
David Rogers | Staff Writer

David Rogers | Staff Writer

As a renowned psychic joined the staff at a church in Atlanta, eyebrows have been raised.

The Christian Post reports that Dr. Lakara Foster, a psychic medium and minister who holds a Doctorate of Ministry from The Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia, has joined the staff of The Vision Church of Atlanta.

In an interview with Rolling Out, Foster was asked about how the church community has reacted the news and she commented, “You’re right they are not usually linked. One of the reasons I pursued my doctorate on this topic is because I really wanted to understand my gift from the intersections of Afrocentrism and Christianity, and why the church believes this gift shouldn’t be considered a spiritual gift among those listed in the Bible.

“My church family has been super supportive. My family has been just as incredible. My father shares a similar gift and my mother is the executive producer of the web-series “The Gift.”

Dr. Lakara Foster is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. She currently stars in the new YouTube show “The GIFT”, a web series following her life as a Medium, Minister, and Spiritual Teacher. She states that her gift is in ‘helping reunite people with their departed loved ones and giving them the gifts of healing, closure and peace while helping them to see death, life and God in a new way’.

The church has made no official comment on its website, however its Theological Distinctive states that, “Because of this passionate belief in the inclusive teachings of Christ, we choose to be a Christian Church that is inclusive and welcoming to all people. We are called to base root our theology on Christ-centered principles which do not discriminate against anyone because of their race, class, gender or orientation.

“We are a diverse Christian Church welcoming all people to be empowered, nurtured and strengthened by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our chief goal is to transform people, families and communities by an embracing message of love, hope and peace for anyone.”

Foster has stated in past interviews that her psychic powers help her talk to the dead.

This follows on from the recent news that Kanye West has started his own church and leads many believers to wonder where the church is heading. In a day and age where church membership is in decline, acceptance of psychics on the church staff may be a great example of just how much the church has lost its way.

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