Ravi Zacharias Ministry responds to criticism of credentials
MCD Staff

MCD Staff

Ravi Zacharias’s ministry has responded to claims that he has doctored his academic background and credentials.

Writing in a blog post, Steve Braugham claimed that, “Dr. Zacharias presents his impeccable academic credentials in a way that starkly differentiates him from ordinary circuit-riding preachers, and he makes sure we know that he’s got the resumé to go with the suit, littering his lectures, writings and publicity materials with references to famous universities with which he claims to be professionally connected.

“And the strategy works. Christians worldwide hail him as God’s answer to the secularist cancer that has infested the academy. Atheist scholars beware!

Zacharias’s ministry, Ravi Zacharias International Mnistries, has taken to Facebook to refute the claims. in a recent post it said, “At RZIM it has come to our attention that a number of false assertions regarding the character, actions, and accomplishments of Ravi Zacharias have been circulating online in recent days.

“It grieves our team to see how the egregious claims and destructive slander of a few individuals have been amplified by wider networks, particularly on social media.

“As Ravi Zacharias is currently traveling and many of our team members are still to return from the Thanksgiving holiday, we will respond in greater detail to the false accusations as soon as possible. Thank you for praying for us and standing with RZIM as we commend the gospel message in the public square around the world.”

Zacharias only has “honorary doctorate degrees” and his Cambridge credential is “brazenly false,” the Braugham argued.


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