Selena Gomez: ‘What Helps Me Through Everything Is My Faith’
CBN News

CBN News

Selena Gomez has checked into a treatment facility for anxiety and depression following an emotional breakdown in the hospital.

TMZ reports the singer was hospitalized twice within the last few weeks for low white blood cell count due to her kidney transplant last year.

During her second visit, Gomez suffered a panic attack. A source told Entertainment Tonight that she has “dealt with depression for awhile” which has escalated this last year.

Gomez has been open in the past about her health issues, first revealing in 2015 that she was diagnosed with Lupus.

Since then, she has even opened up about her faith and how she relies on God to help get her through.

Gomez’s Instagram bio reads, “Light, space, zest -that’s God. With him on my side I’m FEARLESS, afraid of no one and nothing.”

Last month, the singer spoke to her 144 million followers about her anxiety and depression in an Instagram LIVE chat session.

“Anxiety is a very difficult thing, but what helps me through everything is my faith,” she said.

She also shared that she often listens to worship music when she’s feeling low, telling fans one of her new favorites is, “This Girl” by Lauren Daigle and playing it for them to listen.

She said, “I want to suggest a song for you to listen to…if you like it, no worries if you don’t. As some people know, I like to listen to worship music and this song, in particular, makes me feel like I’m talking about that feeling where, you know, like, I’m not going anywhere, I’m just showing up.”

She continued, “It’s really hard to not get worked up or upset when you constantly feel like you’re doing the right thing and you’re showing up for people and you’re wanting to be, you know, nice and you’re doing all this stuff but you’re like, ‘Why am I not feeling good?'”

The news of her recent hospitalization comes a few weeks after Gomez announced that she is taking a break from social media.

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