Sexual Norms Among Millenials confronted as Netflix Teams With Christian Group
CBN News

CBN News

Netflix will debut a Christian organization’s documentary on the American hookup culture and how it is leading to the sexual exploitation of millennials.

“Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution” will premiere Thursday and the film attempts to tackle the normalization of sexual exploitation on college campuses and the impact the porn industry is having on millennials.

The documentary follows several students on their spring break trip to Florida.

“Our goal in starting the project was to film many aspects of the sexual culture today, and we actually did,” film’s director, Benjamin Nolot told the OC Weekly. “We also shot footage discussing slut shaming, bikini baristas, and the porn industry. We got back and came across all this footage of girls being groped and felt like, ‘We need to go back.’

According to a 2016 study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, one in four college-age women have experienced sexual assault.

The Christian nonprofit group, Exodus Cry, is behind the film and this is the group’s second documentary exploring the roots behind sex-trafficking.

The group’s first film, “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls”, was released in 2003 and shares the stories of women and children sold into sex-slavery.

“With Nefarious we followed the story of sex trafficking victims,” Nolot blogged on “Many of them experienced powerful life-changing encounters with God.”

“But it was the image of men lining up to purchase these women and children that haunted me more than anything,” he added.

That led Nolot on the journey to shoot “Liberated.”

“We decided to turn our cameras toward the culture to examine what it means to be a man, what it means to be a woman, and what it means to be a sexual being in today’s world,” he wrote.

Although the film does not have overtly Christian themes it does approach the topic from a biblical worldview.

Minister Rebecca Bender is a trafficking survivor and is a board member of Exodus Cry.

She told CBN News that she hopes “Liberated” will open people’s eyes to the sex problem in America.

“We’re raising three and four and five-year-old little boys and girls in a culture where soft-core porn has become mainstream media,” she said.   “An example—every billboard, every commercial, every window dressing in the local mall. That kind of stuff is always before them. We do need to be aware of how it’s going to affect them.”

“I think Liberated does a really great job at showing how far it’s gone,” Bender added.

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