So why is Hillsong so attractive to young people?
MCD Staff

MCD Staff

In Australia it’s been called a ‘cult’; a ‘money-making machine’.

What is Hillsong, and what makes it different? In an age when people don’t go to church, this is the one church that has busted all the boundaries and seen considerable growth around the globe.

Hillsong is different to most megachurches. Most have a celebrity pastor up the front. But Hillsong’s celebrity was Darlene Zschech. She has moved on, but there’s a long path of musicians clamoring to take her place.

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Hillsong Music has been the real celebrity of Hillsong. That’s changed in the last number of years as the attention has come off the music and on to the senior pastors, Brian and Bobbie Houston.

Australian program SBS Viceland has done an interesting documentary on what it is that draws young people into the church.

In interviews with young members, one said that Hillsong is the only church that seems to be adapting to the younger market. Another said that Hillsong is like McDonalds: it’s good once in a while, but you couldn’t live off it. Yet another, who has said she is bisexual, said that it’s not all about the money. She has given $4 in tithes and offerings.

Watch the video below.

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