A storm in a beer bottle: Why the Coopers controversy is ridiculous
Matt Danswan

Matt Danswan

Seriously, has it got to this that a brewery supporting the celebration of a Christian organization having a 200 year birthday is such a big deal?

In Australia there is a storm surrounding independent beer brand ‘Coopers’ throwing their support behind The Bible Society’s 200 year anniversary.

I mean, seriously, if your favorite beer now happens to have a small scripture on the box, does it really matter? And it only affects those who buy their beer by the box. For those who grab a beer at the pub, or just buy a bottle or two from the liquor store, they wouldn’t even see the box – or the ‘offending’ scripture.

If you can tolerate all of the gambling promotions prior to, during and after every televised game of sport, surely you can tolerate a small scripture on a pretty big box. I am just amazed at how quick people are to pull down something that is designed to help them. We bow and scrape to the gay and lesbian minority, or the Muslim community, and yet one little scripture causes an uproar.

I am delighted to think that Coopers, a big independent company not owned by any of the major global brewers, is obviously Christian-owned, as they are reportedly long-term donors to The Bible Society.

We are in an age where way too many men are taking their lives because they have no hope. Yet when we offer help, it is immediately shot down. I am always so surprised by how low people can get their lives, but still not even reach out to their Savior who is right here to help them.

A TV show even went to the trouble of making their own mock ad literally overnight:

So my advice to The Bible Society? Enjoy all the free publicity the media is giving you and let it be water under the bridge. The Australian media has been giving it to Hillsong for years, and all they have done is help make them into an international brand. The media worked tirelessly to undermine them, yet all they did was make them a household name.

Collectively speaking, keep your chins up and make it business as usual. It’s been a slow news day, so this will all be over as soon as there is something else more newsworthy.


Matt Danswan is the CEO of Initiate Media, publishers of My Christian Daily. He blogs at www.mattdanswan.com.

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