Televangelist suggests Christians avoid flu jab and use word of God instead
Cara Bentley | Premier Media

Cara Bentley | Premier Media

Gloria Copeland, wife of Kenneth Copeland, has said Jesus has already beaten the flu so Christians shouldn’t be getting it anymore.

Gloria Copeland runs a charismatic ministry with her husband Kenneth Copeland in America and released a video online where she told her viewers that Jesus bore all our sufferings on the cross.

In the video she said: “Listen partner, we don’t have a flu season… we’ve already had our shot, he bore our sicknesses and carried our diseases.

“By his stripes we were healed.”

She then went on to pray for people who already have symptoms of the flu: “Jesus himself gave us the flu shot – he redeemed us from the curse of flu,” she added.

Copeland also said that if her viewers tell themselves they won’t get the flu, they won’t get it.

“Just keep saying that ‘I’ll never have the flu’… inoculate yourself with the word of God.”

53 children in the US have died from the flu as of the end of January and 80 per cent of those children hadn’t had a flu jab according to the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

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