Tim Tebow Gives Little Girl Second Chance at Life
CBN News

CBN News

A little girl’s life and limbs are restored thanks to the help of baseball player Tim Tebow’s CURE hospital in the Philippines.

Jocy was just almost two years old when her life changed forever.

Her family’s home in the Philippines suddenly caught fire. Thankfully she escaped from the fire with her life, but not without sustaining severe burns to her arm and back. Her parents rushed her to see a doctor but the understaffed and under equipped medics could do little to help.

Eventually the severe burns turned into thick, hardened scars that left Jocy deformed. Her arms and shoulders had morphed into one piece of flesh.

Jocy would probably never be able to go to school, play with the other children, or live her life had it not been for the Tebow CURE hospital.

Surgeons took her in and operated on the little girl. Today, she can use both arms and live a prosperous life.

“Now, I can see Jocy’s very happy. She’s happy all the time,” expressed Jocy’s mom, Judith.

The Tebow CURE Hospital has provided more than 1,230 life-changing surgeries for Filipino children who could not otherwise afford care.  Specializing in orthopedic surgeries, children come in with conditions like cleft lip, clubfoot, bowed legs, and untreated burns.

Article link: http://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2017/august/little-girl-gets-second-chance-at-life-thanks-to-tim-tebow

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