Times Square billboard owners rebuff Christian group’s live ultrasound
Matthias Browning

Matthias Browning

The billboard owners in New York’s Times Square have rejected requests for a Christian group’s proposal to screen a live ultrasound.

Focus on the Family was planning on buying billboard space to ram home just how real a fetus is. The group’s CEO, Jim Daly, stated early last month, “We’re going to do a live ultrasound of a third-trimester baby.

“These politicians that have overreached in our opinion when it comes to reshaping the abortion debate and particularly in Virginia where they’re promoting infanticide.

“Let’s show what it means to be family, let’s show what it means to be pro-life.”

Daly stated in his blog yesterday, “On today’s Focus on the Family radio broadcast, I mentioned that corporate forces have refused to lease us space on some of the massive digital billboards in Times Square for our upcoming “Alive from New York” event.

“In many ways, this blockade only confirms what we’ve long known. There are many people who don’t want the world to see these images of pre-born life, because the abortion industry is predicated on a lie – namely that a baby is just a blob of tissue inside the womb.

“It’s not. It’s a baby. In response to this flat-out discrimination, we’ve decided to bring in our own digital billboards.

“In other words, the show will go on! But I think it would be a good idea for our folks to reach out to the corporate forces that are refusing to sell us space and allow pre-born life to be seen.

Daly has encouraged supporters to contact the billboard owners and state their disappointment that they will not lease space, with his blog containing the contact details of the billboard owners.

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