Unborn deserve protection – not abortion – Irish citizens tell Sunday Times
The Christian Institute

The Christian Institute

The Republic of Ireland’s law protecting unborn children is best for society and changing it would be a “retrograde step”, Irish citizens have told a national newspaper.

Writing in response to a pro-abortion article in The Sunday Times, members of the public said the current law in the Republic should remain unchanged.

A referendum is expected on the Eighth Amendment next year. The law pledges to “defend and vindicate” the equal right to life of the unborn and the mother, “as far as practicable”.

Writing in The Sunday Times, abortion supporter Justine McCarthy claimed Ireland had an “institutional squeamishness about abortion”.

Calling for politicians considering the issue to show “backbone” and support abortion, she claimed changing the law would help to “ensure the welfare of the citizens”.

However, numerous letters to the Editor rejected her approach. Michael Monaghan said there is “always a better option” than abortion and that it “kills the unborn, hurts women, and debases society”.

He added that the journalist had turned “a blind eye to the humanity of the unborn child”.

Rena Haverty, from Birr in County Offaly, said unborn babies still deserved protection if they were “unwanted, ill or conceived in rape”.

Liam Coleman also questioned McCarthy’s stance, asking whether an abortion law would exclude pro-life doctors and nurses from health work.

And Mary Gallagher added that an abortion law would be “the death penalty disguised as a human right”.

Last year a report argued that over 100,000 lives have been saved by Ireland’s constitutional protections for the unborn.

Article link: http://www.christian.org.uk/news/unborn-deserve-protection-not-abortion-irish-citizens-tell-sunday-times/

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