Weed is big business, and Christian group enters the market
Danielle Jarvis

Danielle Jarvis

Sometimes we wonder why people don’t take Christians seriously. This story below might help you to understand why.

Introducing Christian Cannabis, the place where Christians can learn about – and purchase – weed. Sounds biblical and a brilliant idea, right??

Christian Cannabis is the ‘brainchild’ of Craig Gross, the founder of XXX Church, a ministry helping people fight pornography addiction.

The website states, “What if Christians were to begin understanding how something like cannabis could be used in beneficial ways to support their lives?

“What if we were to entertain the idea that legality is not the equivalent of licentiousness, and neither must we demonize and condemn every single thing that we don’t quite understand?

“What if – rather than trading our feelings for platitudes and “should-bes” – we were to begin to better understand them?

“What if cannabis proved to enhance mental clarity, diminish anxiety, and lend itself toward physical healing and integrative wellness?

“What if cannabis proved to dissolve the self constantly getting in the way, enabling one to better prioritize others and the qualities and relationships that make for a full and vibrant life?

“That has been, in part, my experience… all from a plant.”

In explaining how he started a business promoting and selling weed, Craig Gross stated: “I had begun to connect the dots between the headaches that were hospitalizing me, and exactly why cannabis had proven to be such a miraculous answer to my family’s prayers: my life is busy. ⁣

“Too busy. Marriage, two kids, insane work schedules, directing a non-profit, managing side-business projects, and each and every idea that I am constantly moving on. ⁣

“Some days, I forget to eat. I don’t stop working for long enough to go to the bathroom. Sadly, I realized that entire days would go by without lifting my head for air out of whatever project was in front of me. ⁣

“I could have been sitting in a room with my kids, or my wife, or you… but it’d always be clear that I was somewhere else. ⁣This helps me be there.⁣”

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