When Hillsong and Deepak Chopra go head to head on religion
Matthias Browning

Matthias Browning

Dr. Deepak Chopra, spiritual leader, and Pastor Carl Lentz, lead pastor from Hillsong Church, recently debated spirituality, religion and faith in today’s world, along with the significance of faith to individuals.

On The Point TV program, the two fleshed out their views on religion, each receiving a turn to share their view.

Chopra talked about the universe, while Lentz pointed to Jesus.

In terms of the problems and challenges of organized religion, Lentz stated that, “You can’t throw out the good with the bad. That’s like saying that because there has been awful movies made, I am never going to go to the theater again.

“There is harm that organized religion has done, but I still think there is hope for it. You need community. We need each other to be able to do this life better.

Meanwhile, Chopra states that “belief and faith are cover ups for our insecurity.”

Watch the interview below.

Image courtesy Wikipedia Commons

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