When it comes to witnessing, Israel Folau, this is how it’s done
Bridgett Banks

Bridgett Banks

In the southern hemisphere, Christian rugby star Israel Folau has been all over the news. His Instagram comments have seen him stood down from playing while his employer decides whether to terminate his contract.

Folau has been unrepentant on his comments, believing in his mind that he has done nothing wrong. Whether he has or not is going to be for his employer, Rugby Australia, to decide, and $4 million is at stake.

However, late last week I read this article about English soccer star Lucas Moura and how he took to social media to thank God for his side’s win.

Taking to Instagram, he quoted Luke 1: 37, “For with God nothing shall be impossible”.

Pointing to the heavens. he thanked his Creator. Moura scored twice in five minutes to give his Spurs side the win.

Speaking after the game, Moura said: “It’s difficult to explain what I am feeling. God is wonderful. I always say that he surprises me.”

Israel, God has given you amazing sporting talents. Your skill alone speaks volumes for your faith. When people see how good you are and you’re a Christian, you’re an immediate witness. Your sporting prowess speaks for itself.

However, when you compare his comments to those above from Lucas, that is really a better way of sharing your faith. This player kicked the winning goal for his team and then thanked God. This single act cannot be criticized, as he has the right to thank his Creator, to quote a scripture, and no one was offended in the process.

We are living in a day and age where the world is very messed up. The taking of prescription drugs is at an all-time high and it’s almost impossible to believe that marijuana could be legalized soon. People are going to be naturally drawn to the light.

As the world gets darker, the light of God will shine even brighter. It’s not our job to judge, but to show the love of God to a hurting world.

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