On Margaret Court: When our priorities are all wrong
Matt Danswan

Matt Danswan

Just last week we had an absolutely horrific terror attack in Manchester. The media covered it with, as you’d expect, a huge amount of attention.

But it was vanilla coverage. No one stood up and said ‘I’ve had a gut full of these Islamic terrorists doing what they are doing’, or words to that effect. While people are sick of these attacks, they mostly keep their thoughts to themselves. Love wins. We’ll band together and love will get them in the end. Not sure how we’re going to beat terrorists with love, but anyway…

Then, just a few days later on the other side of the world in Australia, we have a former tennis great, and now pastor of a Pentecostal church in Western Australia, stand up and say she will not fly Qantas for their stance on same-sex marriage.

Margaret Court is a rare individual who made it to the absolute top of the tennis world. In 1970 she became the first woman during the open era (and the second woman in history) to win the singles Grand Slam (all four major tournaments in the same calendar year). She won 24 of those titles (11 in the Open era), a record that still stands.

She also won 19 women’s doubles and 21 mixed doubles titles, giving her a record 64 major titles overall. She is the only woman to win the mixed doubles Grand Slam, which she accomplished twice. Her all surfaces (hard, clay, grass and carpet) singles career had a winning percentage of 91.68%.

Bringing her achievements into today’s standards, she really was on the same level as Serena Williams. But she might as well have bombed an Ariana Grande concert in Sydney, given the hate and media attention she received.

So three days earlier we watched innocent children die, yet we stand by and make no major accusations. Yet three days later a Christian woman, who by the way has the right to her own comments and thoughts, is slammed for her personal stance. To the point where there are calls to re-name the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne, the prestigious tennis center where the Australian Open is held.

When did we all lose our right to our own opinions? I think surfing is the best sport in the world, but you say it’s football. I say a roast is the best evening meal, but you swear by a burger. I like the warm weather, but you like the cold. Guess what? Including marriage, parenting, and all facets of life, we are actually all entitled to our own opinion.

When someone doesn’t agree with you, this does not give anyone the right to run others down and shame them for their opinion. Bravo Margaret Court for standing up in what you believe in. You are after all entitled to your own opinion.


Matt Danswan is the CEO of Initiate Media, publishers of My Christian Daily

Image courtesy Wikipedia Commons

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